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Nevada Real Estate Investment Clubs

  • Las Vegas, Nevada REI Clubs

  • Reno Real Estate Investors Club
    Website URL:  
    Contact Person:   Zach Furr
    Email Address:   zfurr@yahoo.com
    Phone Number:   (775) 826-3900
    Fax Number:  
    Postal Address:   P.O. Box 12553
    City, State & Zip:   Reno, Nevada, 89510
    Membership Cost:   $10.00 per meeting
    Meeting Time:   First Tuesday every month. 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
    Meeting Location:   Reno, Nevada

    Real Estate Investors Association, Inc.
    2 active Investor Groups: one in Las Vegas, NV and one in Victorville, CA.
    Website URL:   www.realestateinvestorsassociation.org
    Contact Person:   Lon Hooker
    Email Address:   tohooker@hotmail.com
    Phone Number:   (702) 326-7811
    Fax Number:   (702) 446-5009
    Postal Address:   726 S. Casino Center Blvd. #207
    City, State & Zip:   Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101
    Membership Cost:   $199 per Year per Individual
    Meeting Time:   Last back-to-back Wednesday (CA group) and Thursday (NV group) of each month.
    Meeting Location:   Saturn of Henderson (NV group) and Apple Valley Country Club (CA group).

    Prosper Real Estate Investors Association
    2 Chapters in LA and Las Vegas. Come & Network with other investors; Local and National Speakers; Free Resources.
    Website URL:   www.prosperreia.com
    Contact Person:   Debbie Smith
    Email Address:   debbie@prosperre.com
    Phone Number:   (702) 505-9953
    Fax Number:   (702) 256-6993
    Postal Address:   7121 W Craig Road # 113-173
    City, State & Zip:   Las Vegas, Nevada, 89129
    Membership Cost:   $197 per person per year plus benefits.
    Meeting Time:   3rd Tuesday of every month from 7:00 - 9:00 pm (Networking from 6.30 pm)
    Meeting Location:   Suncoast Hotel and Casino
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