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    November 2007 Real Estate Investment Newsletter: Orlando Florida Real Estate Market
    This month let's take a look at the top rated second home, retirement and investment property market in the United States. Orlando is well known for its theme parks, business convention center, retail shopping, sporting options and most of all the over 50 million tourists that are the engine that drives the local economy. We would like to introduce the Orlando Realty Experts Team as a resource to anyone considering Orlando real estate. They specialize in Orlando area New Construction, PreConstruction and Investment Property.
    May 2007 Real Estate Investment Newsletter: Orlando Condo-Hotels: Blue Rose Resort & The Village of Imagine
    This month let's take a look two top Condo Hotels in the worlds number 1 resort destination. While the majority of buyers are focused on the investment opportunity a condo hotel offers, many are quickly realizing the extra benefit of the hassle free ownership of a luxury unit in one of the top vacation destinations in the world. This ability to use a condo hotel as a vacation home is almost as important as the investment diversification that these properties offer.
    November 2006 Real Estate Investment Newsletter: Florida Affordable Housing - Single Family Homes & Duplexes
    This month we have three new Single Family Home models as Investment opportunities that directly address the Florida affordable housing problem. All in the low $200's, these houses fill the void in the housing sector which has until now has not been adequately addressed. Smart investors see this as the sweet spot of the market with great upside potential. Over the last few years, many investors have made significant returns in the market by investing in up-scale housing. Today, up-scale housing has reached a temporary saturation point as current upscale housing inventory has surpassed the current demand. On the other hand, the demand for affordable housing is far greater than the supply, and creates a renewed opportunity to invest in one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States.
    October 2006 Real Estate Investment Newsletter: Southwest Florida Preconstruction - Affordable Housing Duplexes
    With the recent real estate market changes, it's time to get back to the basics and focus on the "Big 3" - Population Growth, Job Growth & Tourism Appeal. First, let's look at an investment project that has $43,000.00 instant equity, no payments for 10 to 12 months of construction and positive cash flow from the very beginning. Now let's add the fact that this investment opportunity is targeted towards the affordable housing segment, where there is an enormous demand due to a significant supply shortage. With these factors in mind, we would like to introduce you to one of the most exciting Florida Preconstruction Investments Opportunities in years. This opportunity only requires $5,000.00 out of pocket and includes flexible investor terms, allowing you to benefit from maximum leverage and cash flow. Certainly worthy of your consideration...
    September 2006 Real Estate Investment Newsletter: PreConstruction Investing in Land, Lots and Home-sites
    This month let's explore a strategy that can enable us to work less, earn more or perhaps even retire early... Many of us have resigned ourselves to the grim reality that confronts us; put in forty hour weeks, and if you're lucky slowly build up some savings and wait for the day we can retire. At a minimum we would all like to work less and earn more. The good news is there are ways to fast track the process with the use of leverage and smart real estate investing. With the "5 Keys to your Success" along with a little guidance it is possible to change your destiny
    August 2006 Real Estate Investment Newsletter: Land Investing in Pre-Development Phases
    This month we are going to take a look at little known, wealth building real estate strategy that truly can make you wealthy. It is well known that real estate is how the majority of America's truly rich have made their fortunes. We will discuss a real estate investment plan that not only will produce higher profits, but also with minimal risk when compared to other traditional investing methods. This plan is super-charged by taking advantage of the current "Baby Boomer" phenomenon and pre-development discount pricing.
    June 2006 Real Estate Investment Newsletter: North Carolina is a Perfect Location to find a Vacation, Retirement or Investment Property!
    For this month's newsletter, let take a look at an emerging real estate market that meets the needs of Baby Boomers seeking retirement, vacationers looking for excitement and real estate investors looking to make money. Yet, when comparing North Carolina to other real estate markets it still comes in as undervalued, which is why it ranks extremely well to prospective residents and baby boomers seeking to get the most for their money in retirement destinations. It is the savvy investor that will benefit from the explosive growth and demographic trends taking place in North Carolina, with new and unique opportunities existing from the ocean to the mountains...
    May 2006 Real Estate Investment Newsletter: Why is the Florida Real Estate Market so Hot?
    This month we will take a look at a red hot real estate market that consistently ranks as one of the best in the country. Why is Florida so appealing to prospective residents and baby boomers seeking retirement? Savvy investors can benefit from the explosive growth and demographic trends taking place in the sunshine state. It is really quite simple: When looking for profits, just follow the sun...
    March 2006 Real Estate Investment Newsletter: Baby Boomers + Real Estate Investment = $ Profits $
    Instead of discussing new prospective projects, we would like to use this month's newsletter to take a look at a strategy that will help you maximize profit potential while reducing your overall risk exposure. This key to this strategy is that it focuses on targeting the nation's baby boomers (who currently possess 70% of the nation's net worth), in conjunction with the geographical areas they desire and are migrating to for second home purchases and retirement living.

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