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If You Are Looking for the Ideal Vacation, Retirement or Investment Property, North Carolina Makes Perfect Sense!

For this month's newsletter, let take a look at an emerging real estate market that meets the needs of Baby Boomers seeking retirement, vacationers looking for excitement and real estate investors looking to make money.  Yet, when comparing North Carolina to other real estate markets it still comes in as undervalued, which is why it ranks extremely well to prospective residents and baby boomers seeking to get the most for their money in retirement destinations.   It is the savvy investor that will benefit from the explosive growth and demographic trends taking place in North Carolina, with new and unique opportunities existing from the ocean to the mountains...

North Carolina, from the Mountains to the Coast...
North Carolina has two unique areas of real estate development that are in high demand due to their beauty, recreational opportunities and vacation lifestyle.  Combining the uniqueness of its historic mountain ranges with the enchanted landscapes of the coast, North Carolina has become "the" destination for Baby Boomers and the smart Real Estate Investor.
With summer already upon us, let's look at some of the appeal that continues to drive visitors to North Carolina during the warmest months of the year...

North Carolina's renowned Coast draws summer's families, beach bums and sun seekers to the soft sands and rolling surf year after year.

Many surfers, boaters and windsurfers migrate to the NC coast every year not to make waves, but to enjoy them. The rolling surf provides an outdoor amusement park for body surfers, fishermen and boogie boarders.  And on any warm summer evening you will find couples enjoying a quiet sunset stroll on the beach, gazing up as a plethora of stars begins to light up the cool night sky.

For others, the North Carolina Coast's captivating landscapes include the post card beauty of nationally protected seashores with their towering, majestic lighthouses, enchanting beach cottages dotting the shoreline and some of the countries most flourishing green golf courses.

The North Carolina coast: adventure, romance, history, and a whole lot more! This is the perfect location for retirement or vacationing, and the good news is, properties are ready and waiting right now for the retiree, those wanting a second vacation home, or a future investment. Come for a few days and you'll be certain to fall in love with this recreational paradise.

So is it any wonder that the North Carolina Coast is one of the top destinations for Baby Boomers and Real Estate investors looking for vacation homes, second homes and pure real estate investments.  The North Carolina coast has something for everyone!

The mountains of North Carolina offer stability, adventure, recreation, and a thriving, vibrant community.  With summer temperatures cooler than the sweltering heat felt in the lower elevations by as much as 10 to 20 degrees, the temperate summer weather makes the mountains one of the "coolest" place to enjoy all the fun summer has to offer.

Check out all that the spectacular mountains of North Carolina have to give.  From the outstanding scenery of the Blue Ridge Parkway to the majesty of the Bitmore House (America's largest private home), the mountain region has something for every cultural taste, both young and old.  Award winning wineries, live authentic bluegrass music, art festivals and quaint inns add to the local Southern culture, which is as welcoming as it is pleasing.

For the outdoor adventurer, whitewater rafting is available for those looking for a leisurely drift or those desiring the heart pounding excitement of "shooting the rapids".  Golf aficionados will find some of the most challenging and awe inspiring golf holes the country has to offer, while hiking trails transport you to magical forests teaming with local wildlife, scenic views and the freshest air you have ever breathed.

The North Carolina Mountains. There's no cooler place on earth to enjoy hot fun in the summertime.  Invest in a vacation home in this area, and you'll always feel like you're coming home to an extraordinary and magical place.


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Pre Construction Real Estate Investment Opportunities


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