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Land Investing in Pre-Development Phases

This month we are going to take a look at little known, wealth building real estate strategy that truly can make you wealthy.  It is well known that real estate is how the majority of America's truly rich have made their fortunes.  We will discuss a real estate investment plan that not only will produce higher profits, but also with minimal risk when compared to other traditional investing methods.  This plan is super-charged by taking advantage of the current "Baby Boomer" phenomenon and pre-development discount pricing.

Why You Should Invest in Land
Most people think investing in land is a strategy regulated to big-time real estate developers looking to buy large parcels of land for commercial developments or the subdivisions of homes. What they don't realize is that investing in land continues to be one of the most sound investment strategies available today and is a viable opportunity for most investors, both large and small.
So why should you consider investing in land, rather then an already improved real estate property like a single family home, apartment building complex, commercial structure or other improved property? Undeveloped land offers several investment advantages that are not found in most developed real estate opportunities.
The Advantages of Investing in Land...
  • Higher profits - Annual Return on Investment (ROI Analysis)
  • Ground floor with less risk
  • Superior financing terms
  • Greater flexibility for maximizing value
  • Simple investment management
Regardless if you are looking at a real estate property for investment purposes, or as a site for a future home; investing in land is proven to offer a safer and higher return on your investment than any other financial instrument available today. Traditional investments (stocks, bonds, etc.) over the past couple of years have seen average returns of 4-8%. In contrast, real estate and land investments have realized cash on cash returns of greater than 200%; with less risk.

If all that was not enough, it gets even better.  For those who qualify, only 5% down payment is required instead of the traditional 10%.  The bank will put up the remaining 95%.  This means double your leverage for an even greater return on your investment.  Here's the best part.  Many of the developers of these pre-development land projects will cover the payments on your mortgage for up to two years.  You put up virtually nothing, buy at pre-development prices, make no payments while waiting for further price appreciation and then rake in some serious profits when you do sell.
Why Invest in Pre-Construction Planned Developments?

Real estate investors looking for "ground floor" land investment prospects are finding pre-construction planned developments to be the perfect opportunity. With the majority of land projects being in primary and secondary home locations, a smart investor gains the benefit of being in a desirable neighborhood location with only a small percentage of other investors (less tenants and more owners means more stability).

With price appreciation of second homes rising faster over the past two years (17 percent) than for primary homes (15 percent), many homebuyers see owning a second home as a "you can't lose" proposition, enjoying the fact they can have an outstanding investment while also enjoying a great second home location to use for themselves and their family.

Real estate experts agree that the near-term outlook for the second home market is strong; even stronger then the primary home market. So what is fueling this booming market for second homes, especially in Florida and the Carolina's.
The Baby Boomer Factor...
  • Baby boomers make up an incredibly large % of our population; with all of them moving towards retirement age over the next 15 years.
  • About one half of these people have no intent on staying in their current locale when they retire.
  • Even though many boomers are ill prepared for retirement, there is still a significant % with tremendous wealth; Today's Boomers possess 70% of the nation's net worth.
  • Many of these people want to live in places with good "lifestyles", with 42% of them choosing the South Atlantic area of the United States for their retirement.
According to American Demographics Magazine, "The south is the center of a real estate boom of monumental proportions". Searching for a warmer climate and a simpler way of life during retirement is their primary motivation.  With close to 75% of potential retirees expressing an interest in moving below the 35th parallel, an estimated 50 million people could be moving to the South over the next 20 years.

It is this Baby Boomer demographic that is driving the appreciation and sales volume of second homes in the south.  This marks a new and unprecedented era, as it is the first time in history we have ever seen this kind of significant shift in real estate buying patterns.  As we are currently in the very early stages of this major demographic shift, the smart investors are taking advantage of this knowledge by purchasing now while having the peace of mind of a safe and reliable exit strategy when they want to sell.  In addition, the smart investor will experience dramatic appreciation during the holding period while reducing their overall risk by focusing on real estate purchases in the South East United States.

At Buy Vacation Condos - Land Depo, we can assist you with the purchase of the perfect parcel for your investment portfolio or future residential home-site in one of these sought after developments in the South East of the United States.  As property values continue to increase at a rapid rate, the time to make your investment is now.
Additional Reasons to Act Now...

  • Lock in low payments now.  Act now while interest rates are at the lowest they have been in 20 years.
  • Little to no effort required (turn-key investment).
  • Save money by investing at today's pricing.  As more and more investors are taking advantage of these opportunities, the price points continue to rise, sometimes on a monthly basis.
  • Availability; the best opportunities available today are the ones that are typically gone tomorrow.  When you hesitate, you could miss out on a one of a kind opportunity.
  • Invest now at pre-construction prices.  The smart investors will purchase their property before all the amenities are in place.  Amenities like roads, golf courses, schools, club houses, recreational facilities, nature trails, marinas, boat ramps, swimming pools, etc. all add value to the property.  By investing now, you can enjoy pre-construction prices, which are almost always guaranteed to be below the selling point once the amenities are in place.

    So whether you are looking for land in a luxury planned residential & resort community, waterfront investment property, golf community land properties, or land sales in pre construction development sites, the Buy Vacation Condos - Land Depo team is here to help.  Bringing you unique, proven investment opportunities from the ocean, to the mountains and every place in between.  "Real Opportunity for Real Investors".
    The BuyVacationCondos - LANDDepo Team


    Pre Construction Real Estate Investment Opportunities

    Pre Construction Real Estate Investment Opportunities


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