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With the recent real estate market changes, it's time to get back to the basics and focus on the "Big 3" - Population Growth, Job Growth & Tourism Appeal.  First, let's look at an investment project that has $43,000.00 instant equity, no payments for 10 to 12 months of construction and positive cash flow from the very beginning.  Now let's add the fact that this investment opportunity is targeted towards the affordable housing segment, where there is an enormous demand due to a significant supply shortage. With these factors in mind, we would like to introduce you to one of the most exciting Florida Preconstruction Investments Opportunities in years.  This opportunity only requires $5,000.00 out of pocket and includes flexible investor terms, allowing you to benefit from maximum leverage and cash flow.  Certainly worthy of your consideration...

SW Florida Preconstruction - Affordable Housing Duplexes

Although the affordable housing problem is significant, it also creates an excellent investment opportunity to enter the market during the front end of an affordable housing growth cycle.  Over the last few years, many investors have made significant returns in the real estate market by investing in up-scale housing.  Today, up-scale housing has reached a temporary saturation point as the inventory of upscale housing has surpassed the current demand.  On the other hand, the demand for affordable housing has greatly exceeded the supply, and creates a new opportunity to invest in one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States.
Here is an opportunity to invest in one of Florida's fastest growing markets.  You will enjoy 10% instant equity from day one, plus the appreciation gained during the construction build-out period of approximately 10 to 12 months.  No additional cash is needed for closing and zero payments required during construction.

Upon completion of your new duplex, you can sell it and harvest the built up equity & appreciation, or you can rent it out for a continuous cash flow.  For those who plan to sell, your home can be marketed up to 3 months prior to its completion.

  • Low Down Payment - Only $5,000 required
  • No payments during the construction phase
  • 10% Instant Equity
  • Purchase at a discount
  • Flexible investor terms

The Location Ft Myers Area / Lehigh Acres which is one of the fastest growing communities in one of fastest growing counties in the nation.
Lehigh Acres - tucked away from the bustle of large cities, Lehigh Acres is a peaceful and affordable alternative to some of the more well-known Florida destinations. Originally developed by the Lehigh Corp in the 1960's, it is now rapidly growing into an affordable niche community, detached from the crowded streets, strip malls and exhausting, fast pace of many other areas of the county. Lehigh Acres gives you the pleasures of quiet Florida countryside living with activities and attractions for all to enjoy.
In the 100 square miles of Lehigh Acres, you will easily be entertained by the 175 miles of freshwater canals, 16 stocked lakes that will delight any fisherman, numerous Florida-style championship golf courses, tennis, horseback riding, and 15 miles of hiking and biking trails. Only a few minutes from nearby Fort Myers, you have quick access to the classic Southwest Florida luxuries, including the many breathtaking beaches, museums, the arts in all its forms, shopping, dining and more. The tremendous amount of affordable and buildable lots throughout Lehigh Acres provides a prime opportunity for settling down for young and old alike.  Lehigh Acres is a serene and distinct community with a lot to offer. Residents and visitors will enjoy the beauty, peacefulness and opportunity that await them.

The Lender - We have teamed up with an experienced financial group, who are pioneers and innovators in the construction lending market, and have funded nearly $1,000,000,000.00 in loans in 2005.  Their new, stream-lined investor construction program for seasoned real estate investors offers the following:

  • No income verification - 680 FICO Required
  • Minimal out-of-pocket expense ($5,000.00 on a $277K Duplex)
  • Lending focus on Florida's fastest growing residential markets
The Process - Get Pre-Qualified, once approved 2 checks totaling $3,000 will need to be written, selection of the lot & duplex model, then another $2,000 for closing costs.  Closing will take place in 30 - 45 days on average.

Upon completion of the home, which normally takes between 10 to 12 months, you are free to sell the home and harvest the built up equity, or rent it out for cash flow.  For those investors that plan to sell, the home can be marketed 3 months prior to completion.

Find out more by visiting the Florida Preconstruction Duplex Page.

Florida Preconstruction Property

SW Florida Preconstruction - Affordable Housing Duplexes

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Florida is on Fire!

Florida growth rate is constantly ranked in the top 3 for the entire United States!  Florida also ranks 4th in population with approximately 18 million, and with its current growth rate will soon be 3rd. 

So why is Florida so Hot?

300 days of sunshine a year!

Annual Average temperature of
(70 degrees F) 21C

1,200 to 1,800 miles of coast line (some of the best in the world)

Baby Boomers Retiring: 42% of the 80 million Baby Boomers plan on retiring in the South East Sector of the US.

No State income tax 


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Pre Construction Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Pre Construction Real Estate Investment Opportunities


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